real nannys - no artificial intelligence

A female nanny watches your kid's computer remotely. She sees what your kid sees on the computer. Every day, your kid's activities are evaluated by different nannys. This redundancy minimizes the chance that something important might be missed.
The computer can be a weapon when used as a communication device. We scan your child's communications looking for dangerous keywords and predators. Your child's activities automatically determine their personal Risk Level, hence how often your child is revisited by nannys in one day.

If a nanny thinks your child is in danger, she passes your child to a supernanny who makes an independent assessment - a second opinion. If the supernanny agrees that your child is in imminent danger, then you get a telephone call from us.
A female nanny sees your child's computer but cannot control it or communicate with the child. Online predators impersonate children or otherwise gain your child's trust by communicating via the Internet over some grooming period. Nannys watch for plans to meet strangers, premeditated violence in school, or contemplated suicide. Known or suspected predators are detected automatically.